The 14th Annual ECR Forum
June 3-4, 2019. Moscow
Working together to fulfill consumer wishes better, faster, and at less cost.
We provide you with hot topics & trends
Local and foreign retailers and suppliers will report on how they have found their unique way to
efficient consumer response
Convenient store in the digital era
A world where consumers have a real influence on retail
Food traceability in Russia and abroad
Labelling and data interchange for safety control
X-channel shopper behaviour
Why buying on-line leads to buying more off-line
The future of E-commerce
Logistic and shopper marketing solutions
Delivering verified product information
Blockchain solutions for consumers' awareness
Artificial intelligence in retail
Start-ups for OSA improvement
International speakers

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the 14th annual ECR Forum hosted by ECR Russia Community.

We are committed to building a world, where consumers have real influence on the retail industry. The Consumer now becomes a decision maker, using their own data to lower prices, stimulating retailers to provide a better product quality, better delivery, and better service. Customer data creates the basis for alerts and forecasts for other customers, a practice which is compliant with international data privacy laws.

Let's learn together the best practice of using artificial intelligence, big data analysis, image recognition, blockchain technologies to fulfil consumer wishes better, faster and at less cost.

Maximilian Musselius,
Executive Director,
ECR Russia
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